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Boiler Maintenance in Heaton

Boiler Maintenance in HeatonCommercial property owners responsible for boiler maintenance in Heaton will be relieved to know that M&R Plumbing and Heating employ qualified Corgi registered and Gas Safe registered engineers. All have many years of experience. We recommend a yearly maintenance programme to make sure your heating equipment is working efficiently and safely all winter long. In very cold weather, if the heat fails, sometimes water pipes freeze as well. The result is cold and uncomfortable people looking at you to make it right. M&R Plumbing and Heating has been in business over fifteen years. We have earned an excellent reputation by providing skilled engineers and excellent customer service. You can trust us.

Heaton boiler maintenance is particularly important when the welfare and safety of many people depend on you. Blocked and cracked vent pipes can cause dangerous carbon monoxide to back up into your building. A life and death situation resulting from poor maintenance practices is not likely the kind of public relations you want. When we perform the maintenance on your boiler, we check for those blockages and cracks. We clean and oil parts so they work effectively. Maintenance is a needed safety measure but a properly functioning boiler provides a more efficient heating at lower cost. We also recommend placing a carbon monoxide detector in the boiler area. That would be true for private residents as well as commercial buildings.

Boiler maintenance in Heaton will prolong the life of your heating system. When we perform maintenance on a boiler, we understand that to mean we check everything and repair or replace as required to maintain a safe and efficient heating system.  We have a coverage system in place at M&R Plumbing and Heating that many clients are finding helpful.  This plan is particularly beneficial for commercial property owners.  You agree to budget a small amount for a coverage premium paid to us each month. In return, we perform a through maintenance on your boiler once each year.  If your boiler requires repairs at any time, the cost is covered by your coverage plan. We have several options for you to choose from if you have an interest. Call us today to find out about them.