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Boiler Service in Bolton

Technicians who perform boiler service in Bolton are often asked a variety of questions, such as, “Is my heating system the most efficient?” The question seems simple on the surface, but actually, the answer is different for each customer. We all have circumstances that make one system better than another. For example, in new construction, ground source heat pumps can be considered. In an existing home, this may not be possible, as retrofitting may be physically impossible, or prohibitively expensive. The concept is an environmentally sound one that is becoming increasingly popular for its efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In Bolton, boiler service is often for old gas or oil boilers that are no longer operating at maximum efficiency. Today’s boilers are constructed with energy saving in mind. Ground source heat pumps, or GSHPs, are able to heat your home and water from a base of 12 degrees, the stable temperature in the ground. Heating from this degree level is more cost effective than heating from the cold outdoor temperature, as with a traditional heat pump. You save both money and energy, making it a great choice. The whole concept of a heat pump is an interesting one. The idea is to move air without expending fuel, and it can be used to heat as well as cool.

A good boiler service in Bolton also encompasses two other types of heat pumps, the air-to-air and air-to-water varieties. An air-to-air type takes air from outside your home, and either warms it for heat, or cools it for air conditioning. It can work alone, or in combination with other types of heating systems. Using nature’s air temperature means that there is less heating or cooling required, and therefore less energy used, and less money spent. Air-to-water heat pumps have the added feature of producing hot water for your home, in addition to heat. They are extremely economical, producing three kilowatts of power for every one kilowatt expended. Isn’t it time to upgrade your faulty old boiler with a new energy efficient system? Ring M&R Plumbing & Heating today!