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Fast, Efficient and Professional Boiler Repair in Knutsford

Boiler Repair in KnutsfordBoiler repair in Knutsford is probably not something you worry about until it stops working. At that point, you have an emergency. There’s nobody better to call than us if that happens. We’ve been in business since 1997 offering a complete range of services to our customers. We are a family-owned company and we want you to know why we think that matters. This company is our livelihood and we have to sustain our viability. We have proven the best way to do that is by providing personal customer service based on the customers’ needs, guaranteeing our products and our workmanship and keeping our prices as low as possible. When your boiler needs repair, we have a 24-hour emergency call-out because sometimes it’s urgent to get the heat back on.

Before you are faced with a boiler breakdown, there may be warning signs. For those in Knutsford, boiler repair at the first sign of trouble is better than waiting for a complete shutdown. One of the most obvious signs that your boiler needs repair is noise. Boilers are quiet running so when you hear clunking and banking while the fan is running, you probably need to replace a worn fan. You may associate those bubbling and whistling noises with warmth but that’s not what they mean. It could mean your water pressure is low or the heat exchanger needs cleaning. Depending on the location of your boiler, you may not hear the noises unless you make a point of listening for them.

A more subtle sign of the need for a boiler repair in Knutsford is higher heating bills. You may be blaming the utility for raising your rates when actually your boiler is working harder to maintain heat levels. Are you turning up the thermostat more frequently to maintain your preferred level of heat? Do you seem to be running out of hot water during your shower or does it take forever for the house to warm up each morning? These are signs to call for a repair before you are faced with a breakdown. Contact us at the first sign of poor performance from your boiler. Count on us for a quick response and fair price. Estimates are always free.