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Plumber in Leyland

plumber in LeylandSome years back a customer called us at M&R Plumbing looking for a plumber in Leyland. She said she wanted a plumbing company that could do it all. That way, if she needed anything she only had to remember the one company. We agreed with her. House plumbing, heating and air conditioning are all part of the house infrastructure. It’s good to have one company with a knowledge of your home’s inner workings. That job was a refitted bathroom and we did it all. We did the plumbing and fixture installation of course, but also we put heat under the floor and added a quick recovery hot water heater. We even checked the electricalS for safety.

In Leyland, plumber and related services have been offered by M & R Plumbing since 1997. We are still family owned and we still provide a full range of services, domestic and commercial. These days we are specialising in alternative and renewal energy solutions wherever possible. We think that is a responsible way to conduct business and our customers seem to agree. If you have been thinking about a new bathroom, we can design and install it incorporating water saving toilets and shower heads as well as a solar hot water system. Consultations are free and we are happy to answer all your questions.

When you need a real plumber in Leyland to take care of those common plumbing issues M&R Plumbing are recommended. We like to encourage regular maintenance inspections to find the little leaks before they turn into a flood. Even so, leaky faucets, clogged drains and toilets and broken pipes will happen on occasion. Low water pressure is a frequent complaint as is continuous water running in the toilet. Some people can fix minor issues with a well-placed plunger or washer. If not, we have the right tools and expertise to go right to the problem and fix it. We recommend that you call professional plumbers to install new pipes and fixtures or to fix water heater problems. Those are not do-it-yourself projects. Call the professionals to avoid future damage and disappointment. For a professional plumber, contact M&R Plumbing.