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Boiler Repair Service in Hindley

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Boiler Repair Service in HindleyUsing a boiler repair service in Hindley will help when your boiler gives up the ghost. When boilers begin to show signs of trouble there is no point in waiting for the problem to fix itself. Your underperforming boiler may start to develop further problems if not seen to immediately. At M&R Plumbing & Heating we offer a complete range of domestic and commercial gas, heating and plumbing services. For over 15 years, our family has been serving commercial and residential customers with friendly, reliable service. Our technicians are MCS certified and provide expert installation and service of boilers, with an emphasis on responsible energy sources and solutions.

Winter is the worst time of the year for a boiler to stop working. In Hindley, a boiler repair service is necessary when your boiler no longer produces enough heat, due to mechanical failure, or the need for flushing. We can offer an annual service to maintain and service your boiler, to ensure it remains in good working order. Regular maintenance adds years to the life of a boiler and ensures the safety of your family. Our engineers are Gas Safe registered and you can rely on us to provide optimal service that complies with health and safety regulations.

We offer a reliable and affordable boiler repair service in Hindley. Contact M&R Plumbing & Heating if you need a boiler repair service. You will also be happy to know that our repair team are always prepared to answer emergency calls. In other words, they will be at your home soon after you make the call. Every boiler repair work done by our experts comes with a 30-day labour guarantee and a one parts guarantee as well. We are also fully insured and any project that we complete has a labour guarantee. Through our knowledge and experience, we can provide the best service possible. Our teams are available in the evening and on weekends so there’s no need to take time off work when you urgently need your boiler repaired.