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Looking For A Boiler Repair Service In Horwich

radiatorA homeowner called M&R Plumbing and Heating recently needing boiler repair service in Horwich. That may not sound like much but his situation was a little beyond your basic service call. Our customer called us on a Saturday evening complaining of a broken boiler. The kicker was that he was running a guest house that was heated entirely by a hot water radiator system. It seems that his guests were starting to complain about the chill in the air.

This is the type of breakdown that never seems to happen at the most convenient time. The owner of the guest house would rather have this kind of issue pop up at 10:00 am on a Tuesday giving him plenty of time to have someone out to service the boiler, but that’s never the way it works. His trouble happened on a cold and dark night in Horwich. Boiler repair service is vital under those conditions. You can imagine his joy when he called that weekend and was told we had no problem getting to him right away to fix the issue, keeping his guests warm and happy.

With M&R Plumbing and Heating our clients needs are our number one concern. If that means going out on a repair call in the middle of the night, we are happy to do it. In the case of our caller we sent an experienced technician to his location and with in a few short hours the problem was resolved. He was so pleased that he asked us to share is story and let everyone know that M&R Plumbing and Heading is the best choice for boiler repair service in Horwich. If you or someone you know needs plumbing or heating services, call us today at 01204 690957 for expert advice and a free quote. For a list of services and more information visit our website.