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Central Heating Repairs in Atherton

Central Heating Repairs in AthertonCentral heating repairs in Atherton can save you money.If you installed a new heating system five years ago, turned it on and forgot about it, likely it is not operating efficiently. Just like your car, you need to keep it tuned up. It’s not a huge expense to schedule yearly heating system maintenance. However, if your boiler is inefficient, it will use more fuel and that could be a huge expense. Our advice at M&R Plumbing is make a habit of yearly maintenance. If your boiler is ten years old, it is likely more inefficient and without attention the risk of a breakdown is increased. Repairs after a breakdown can be a significant expense and inconvenient, especially when the breakdown comes in severely cold weather as is often the case. The increased workload caused by severe weather may be the last straw for worn parts.

A poorly maintained and ageing heating system may send you warning signs before it breaks down. In Atherton, central heating repairs are likely in your future if you ignore the warnings: noises coming from radiators, running out of hot water halfway through your shower and cranking up the thermostat to maintain temperature. You may notice your energy costs creeping up a little more each month. M&R Plumbing can resolve this issue for you using Magna Clean power flushing to remove the sludge throughout the system. Energy costs will likely ease back down, you will be warmer with heat evenly distributed and you won’t run out of hot water so quickly. Power flushing as preventative maintenance each year can save a lot of aggravation when you are already aggravated enough by the cold weather.

M&R Plumbing undertakes central heating repairs in Atherton using only top quality replacement parts. Our Gas Safe and Corgi registered team of technicians are experienced and skilled in all phases of heating and plumbing installation, maintenance and repair. We are proud of our loyal customer base that has sustained our family business since 1997. Add years to the life of your heating system and contact M&R Plumbing at the first sign of trouble. Make a standing appointment for annual inspections and preventative maintenance procedures to ensure your family is safe from carbon monoxide leaks and heating breakdowns. That is how you save money.