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Choose an Accredited Worcester Boiler Installer in Radcliffe

Worcester Boiler Installer in Radcliffe A professional Worcester boiler installer in Radcliffe knows how to correctly install these fantastic boilers. He knows the ins and the outs of the Worcester boiler range. We’re a family run company that provides a wide range of services, including expert Worcester boiler installation. As we specialise in the installation of Worcester boilers, and use the latest technology available, we are the company to call for your new boiler. A Worcester boiler is a highly regarded name for combi, regular and condensing boilers.

It may be time to replace your old boiler. In Radcliffe, a Worcester boiler installer from our team can help you out. If your boiler is 10 years or older, it is not likely to produce the energy it should. And, current regulations stipulate that a boiler replacement should be a condensing boiler. A condensing boiler improves efficiency to over 90%. This in turn will save you a minimum of 30% per year on your home heating bills. Our expert Worcester boiler installers are Gas Safe and Oftec registered. Therefore, you can rely on a safe and professional installation of your new boiler. Every Worcester boiler is made to last. If the boiler is correctly installed by a professional and accredited Worcester boiler installer, you will have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have a problem with hot water or heating. On top of that, we also offer other services to ensure your Worcester boiler is working at its best. Speak to us about our servicing and maintencne options. We can also assist with repairs should it be necessary.

A Worcester boiler installer in Radcliffe has many years of experience. We’re proud of our excellent reputation for providing great quality products and services, and all at attractive prices. If you are looking for an accredited Worcester boiler installer, contact M & R Plumbing and Heating today. We will discuss your requirements and set up an appointment to install your new energy saving boiler. With their top quality, durability and energy efficient properties, it is easy to understand why these boilers are among the most popular in the UK.