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Commercial Boilers in Westhoughton

Commercial Boilers in Westhoughton Commercial boilers in Westhoughton suit the different requirements of a range of industries. Hospitals, hotels, offices and apartment blocks use these commercial boilers which can be run on oil, natural gas or liquid petroleum gas or in conjunction with solar heaters. At M&R Plumbing & Heating, we are specialists in different brand boiler installations. We were established in 1997, and provide a complete range of domestic and commercial gas, heating and plumbing services. Our skilled and knowledgeable engineers are Gas Safe and Corgi registered and can advise you on how old boilers of more than 8 years of age can be using up a lot of energy. The latest building regulations state that new gas-fired boilers must be condensing boilers simply because they offer a reduced carbon footprint and businesses can look forward to lower energy bills.

Condensing boilers extract heat contained in the flue gases and converts it to heating energy. In Westhoughton, commercial boilers will need regular servicing to help them last even longer. Using high-performance heat exchangers, the flue gases are cooled because of escaping through the chimney, and the water vapour in these gases is condensed. This releases additional heat which is transferred into the heating system. Condensing boilers are energy efficient, and regular servicing and maintenance will help prolong the life of the boiler. As Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installers, we offer extra benefits such as advice on the fee-in tariffs provided by government.

For more information about commercial boilers in Westhoughton, contact M&R Plumbing. W provide our customers with the best services, working evenings as well as weekends to ensure commercial boilers are working in excellent condition. Why not visit us at our showroom and get sound advice about our commercial boilers?  We’ll be able to provide information on Worcester Greenstar gas or oil fired boilers, unsurpassed guarantees and everything else you need to know.