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Emergency Boiler Repair in Appley Bridge

Emergency Boiler Repair in Appley Bridge Emergency boiler repair in Appley Bridge is something you will need urgently if you boiler packs up and you have a house full of guests. A failing boiler can have many serious implications such as the loss of heat or the flooding of the premises. One doesn’t want to wait for a technician when your situation is in dire straits and it would be reassuring to know that the company you have chosen is experienced and well established in the industry. It can turn into a dangerous incident if your equipment is blocked, causing rising pressures, leading to bursting pipes or even an explosion or an unexpected expensive layout.

In Appley Bridge, emergency boiler repair is safely undertaken by the crew at M&R Plumbing. It is a family run concern that has been in business for almost 20 years. They are fully insured and all their engineers are Gas Safe registered giving you peace of mind when it comes to fixing your equipment. They are well accredited with the leading names in safety and quality standards groups such as the Worcester Bosch Group whom they base their work ethics on and others include CIPHE, ELECSA and the RECC. A Care and  Cover Agreement is available to protect their customers from possible breakdowns in the future and sudden costly financial burdens. There are 3 different plans to choose from that will suit anyone’s budget and enable you to have your boiler fixed quickly and not be encumbered by unavailable funds.

Emergency boiler repair in Appley Bridge that is carried out by M&R Plumbing is covered by a 30-day guarantee on their labour,  taking away the stress involved with repair work. To add to their credibility, they carry a 1-year guarantee on all parts used. They are also known for the quality and dependability of their workmanship. If you are looking for help with an emergency boiler repair, contact M&R Plumbing.