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Are You Experiencing a Vaillant Boiler Breakdown in Bolton?

Vaillant Boiler Breakdown in BoltonWhat are some indications or signs of a Vaillant boiler breakdown in Bolton? Boilers by their very nature, are large and clunky objects that stay hidden in the basement. When we think about boilers, we follow an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy. However, it is when abnormal clunking, banging or rumbling sounds emanate from the basement and you rule out paranormal phenomena, that you realise you might be close to a boiler breakdown. If this occurs during the winter months, you’re going to need the boiler looked at pretty quickly!

In Bolton, a Vaillant boiler breakdown is best dealt with by M&R Plumbing & Heating. These experts state that abnormal noises emanating from your boiler may be because of kittling, a limescale build-up due to the presence of hard water. Combined with sludge, both can block the effectiveness of the heat exchanger which will reduce water flow. A faulty thermostat, air accumulation and low water-pressure are also common causes for boiler breakdowns. If you reside in extremely cold weather regions, your condensate pipes may freeze. These pipes are responsible for carrying the water away from the boiler. If the condensate pipe is not insulated, an issue may arise. An EA or D5 error code may appear on the screen. Another common boiler issue when it doesn’t stay on. This is a problem with the pressure valve, water pump or broken thermostat. Repairing or replacing these parts must be carried out by a boiler engineer or qualified plumber. Sometimes the pressure levels may be too high or too low. Ideally the pressure should range from 1 to 1.5. If it drops below these levels, there may be an issue with the pressure gauge, presence of a water leak or some sort of blockage in the heating parts. When the pressure levels are above 2.5, there may be a fault with the expansion vessel, flow switch or pressure release valve.

If you are experiencing a Vaillant boiler breakdown in Bolton, be sure to seek professional help to have it repaired, if possible, or replaced.  Only plumbers who have the required qualifications for working with boilers should be used.  If you are experiencing a Vaillant boiler breakdown, contact M&R Plumbing & Heating.