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Fix that Boiler Breakdown in Lostock!

Boiler Breakdown in LostockSo you have suffered a boiler breakdown in Lostock, whats next? Is it time to grab a stack of old newspapers and start a fire to keep warm using broken up furniture as fuel? Of course not! At M&R Plumbing and Heating we understand that losing heat and hot water in the dead of winter can be a concerning matter, and want to give you a quick guide, to help you to get through this difficult situation as quickly and easily as possible.

In Lostock, a boiler breakdown can be hard to understand. The first thing you must do is get an idea of the magnitude of the problem. Don’t worry, this will not be a technical process. Step one: go find your boiler and check there is not water pouring out of it. Dry as a bone? Good, you have ruled out a catastrophic leak. Next, will the boiler light? If not, we we have started to home in on the problem. Finally, have you lost all heat, or are you stuck with luke warm water from the tap, and poor performance from your radiators? By checking these issues, you will start to get a grasp of how serious the problem is. Now it’s time to call in the professionals.

Repairing a boiler breakdown in Lostock is beyond the grasp of all but the most skilled DIY enthusiast. Any appliance that combines flame, high pressures, and water deserves the attention of a skilled professional. M&R Plumbing and Heating, a family business established in 1997, has just the kind of knowledge to solve these tricky technical problems. When your boiler goes out, you may need a full on replacement, or it could be that a simple flush out of your heating system will set things right. Our highly trained technicians are standing by around the clock including evenings and weekends to help you resolve even the most inconvenient breakdowns. Call M&R Plumbing and Heating the next time your boiler is out for a free estimate.