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Free Boilers In Tyldesley

free boilers in TyldesleyWould you like to know whether you qualify to get free boilers in Tyldesley? A new UK government scheme launched in 2015 provides completely free or heavily subsidised boilers to those who qualify under their selection criteria. This would include certain types of private tenants and home owners. They are available through grants given by the Big Six energy supply companies in the country which includes British Gas. The grants are given on a non-repayable basis and the recipient does not have to repay the amount ever in the present or future. These grants are meant for replacement of old and inefficient boilers which not only waste precious energy, but also pose a safety hazard for their users. In general, such old boilers are used by senior citizens and lower-income group families who may not have the resources to purchase a new boiler.

In Tyldesley, free boilers can be used by home owners or tenants who get a qualifying benefit, tax exemptions or allowances. The recently constituted Energy Companies Obligation scheme makes it obligatory for energy companies to assist fuel-poor households to make energy saving improvements. Private tenants may need permission from their landlords and council or housing tenants must own at least a 50% share in the property before qualifying for a free boiler grant. The boiler that you currently use should be at least 86% less efficient, more than five years old and has frequent breakdowns and faults like pilot light not working, noisy and not heating properly etc. In certain cases, the person may have to make a part contribution towards installation based on the amount of work required to install the boiler and the nature of the property. If you don’t qualify, you can still get in touch with the government approved installer who can assist you as they may have funding or long term finance schemes.

While applying for free boilers in Tyldesley, ensure that you select an approved installer who works in your local area. You can consult the government approved lists of companies like M&R Plumbing & Heating, who work according to very high standards of quality, safety and security regulations and excellent customer care. F.or more information regarding free boilers, contact M&R Plumbing & Heating.