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Ideal Boiler Installer in Farnworth, Choose a Professional for Your New Boiler

Ideal Boiler Installer in FarnworthWe are an accredited Ideal boiler installer in Farnworth and we are available for your new boiler installation. We’re proud to offer a wide variety of boilers, and these include the Ideal boiler range. Manufactured in the UK, these boilers are highly regarded for their efficiency and durability. Our boiler installer is highly qualified and experienced. All our technicians are registered with Gas Safe, ensuring a safe and professional boiler installation.  A family owned and run company, we take great pride in our expert services and affordable prices.

If your current boiler is over 8 years of age, it is probably time to consider changing it for a new boiler. In Farnworth, our Ideal boiler installer can tell you all that you need to know about your new Ideal boiler. The Ideal company manufactures a range of different types of boilers, all of which are suitable for your home. Each one of their high quality products offer excellent reliability with outstanding value for money. We install gas and oil fired boilers but we also are proficient in the installation and utilisation of boilers that operate on solar and biofuels. Our government rewards consumers who exercise environmental responsibility with feed-in tariffs. We can often offer additional warranties on products from manufacturers of renewable energy products. Our company is very serious about our commitment to clean energy.

An Ideal boiler installer in Farnworth has the necessary experience and know-how to provide you with an excellent level of workmanship. We also offer a range of other services. Among these is a boiler maintenance and service package. When you have a new boiler installed, it is prudent to have it regularly maintained and serviced. This will prevent any issues from becoming a problem in the future. A boiler that is working properly will use much less energy than one that is not.  This means that your energy bill will also be lower. When you are looking for a professional Ideal boiler installer for your new boiler installation, contact M & R Plumbing and Heating. We are happy to provide an affordable quote for your Ideal boiler installation. We’re also happy to assist with any questions you may have.