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Do You Need An Underfloor Heating Service In Tyldesley?

underfloor heating service in Tyldesley from M&RMany customers have been calling about underfloor heating service in Tyldesley recently so we thought we could answer a few of the most frequent questions about this method of heating your home.  When customers call us at M&R Plumbing and Heating asking why they should install this system rather than a conventional radiator system, the first thing we talk about is the efficiency of underfloor heating.  Studies have shown that underfloor heating can lower home heating bills by as much as 40%.  This kind of savings is nothing to scoff at.  This efficiency comes from the fact that this system distributes heat evenly through the home, keeping a consistent temperature rather the hot or cold spots common with radiator heat.

For our customers in Tyldesley, underfloor heating service is often thought of as a system that can only be installed when a home is being built.  This often leads to questions about the ability to have a home retrofitted with an underfloor system.  Customers in this situation are in luck, as we are able to add a floor heating system on top of an existing floor, the perfect solution for older homes.  Callers also regularly ask about what part of their homes this system work in.  We tell our customers that while a underfloor heating system is perfect for the whole home, it can also be used in a single room.  Many customers choose to install a system in a damp and cold basement, turning into a warm and cosy addition to their homes living spaces.

Having an underfloor heating service in Tyldesley can be about more than adding an efficient and cost effective heating system to your home, it can also be about looks.  By heating your home through the floor, you eliminate ugly radiators that take up floor and wall space.  Along with looking great, there is some comforting to waking up in the morning and putting your feet down on a toasty warm floor.  At M&R Plumbing and Heating we love installing underfloor heating systems, if you’re in the market, ring us up today to schedule a no obligation consultation.