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Underfloor Heating In Westhoughton

Underfloor Heating In WesthoughtonM & R Plumbing and Heating Ltd is your best bet when it comes to finding underfloor heating in Westhoughton. We are a family owned business established in 1977 and since then we have served our customers with highest level of customer service. We deal in all kinds of heating and plumbing solutions. We also specialize in alternative or renewable energy solutions. We are a Gas Safe and Corgi certified company. This means that we follow strict health and safety guidelines while working and supply the best quality products. We have all the required expertise and knowledge to provide the best heating solutions to our customers.

Recently we received an enquiry from a young woman in Westhoughton for underfloor heating.  The home that she recently moved into with her husband needed a heating upgrade, and so she was doing a bit of homework.  She wanted to know about the efficiency, cost and the time it will take to install underfloor heating systems. We explained to her that underfloor heating systems are more efficient than conventional radiators as they consume less energy and produce uniform heat. We also told her that underfloor heating systems use 40% less energy than conventional radiators. After that we told her that we work on evening and also on weekends so she won’t have to worry about the time. We sent our representative to her home and after inspecting her house he told her that it will take about 6 days to fully install underfloor heating in her house. She was delighted to discover that we provide our services at the most affordable prices.

If you too want underfloor heating in Westhoughton for your home or office, give us a call at 01204 690957. You can also visit our website for more information.