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Worcester Boiler Installation in Coppull

Worcester Boiler Installation in CoppullWorcester boiler installation in Coppull is expertly carried out by accredited Worcester and Bosch Group company M&R Plumbing.  Established in 1997, M&R Plumbing carry a complete range of domestic and commercial gas, heating and plumbing options. Are you aware that a boiler over 8 years old has become inefficient and is now wasting energy? Current building regulations state that any replacement or new gas fired boiler must be a condensing boiler.  Older boilers convert as little as 60% of fuel into heat whereas a modern condensing boiler improves efficiency up to 90%. This will save you 30 % per year on your home heating bill. The savings will allow you to redeem the cost of the boiler in a few years. At M&R Plumbing their experienced staff will help you choose the right sized boiler for your home or business. Their fully trained staff will fit your new boiler after arranging a time most convenient to you. They are available during normal work hours as well as evenings and weekends should you need them.   Worcester boilers are renowned for their high quality and reliability.

In Coppull, Worcester boiler installation is only one of the services on offer by M&R Plumbing.  Part of their services are plumbing repairs and blocked pipes, water leaks and central heating installation. Underfloor heating reduces heating bill up to 40% and gives your home a comfortable air temperature while saving energy and being low maintenance. Overlay floor heating can be fitted to any existing house that did not have underfloor heating initially installed. Central heating systems are more energy efficient than most radiators.

Worcester boiler installation in Coppull is only the beginning. There are a large range of alternate energy options from M&R Plumbing.  Renewable energy technology has improved in recent years and it is now possible with solar power, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps amongst a range of other options, to keep your energy bills down and use these technologically advanced alternatives to fossil fuels to reduce your CO2 emissions. Cut your energy costs and improve your energy efficiency. For information on Worcester boiler installation, contact M&R Plumbing.