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Worcester Boiler Repair in Bolton

Worcester Boiler Repair in BoltonWe recently carried out a Worcester boiler repair in Bolton for a customer who was having ignition problems. They knew that they couldn’t afford to be without central heating, as the nights are already getting colder and winter is fast approaching. That’s why they contacted M&R Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We’ve been heating and boiler specialists since 1997, making homes across the north west feel warmer and more welcoming.

If you need Bolton Worcester boiler repair, don’t delay, get in touch with our friendly and highly experienced team. The sooner your boiler is seen to, the sooner it will be operating at full power again. This is the time of year when most boiler failures happen, as they’re being put under more pressure and operating for longer periods. Our boiler engineers are Worcester Bosch accredited and can carry out a full range of repairs to these market leading boilers. These include ignition problems, as in the case of our customer. These can happen suddenly and without warning. We can also carry out repairs to thermostats, electrical components, valves, cylinders and radiators. This includes power flushing, which clears out the gunge, rust and metal fragments that naturally accumulate in radiators. Once this has been done, you’ll notice a big difference in the heat that your Worcester boiler puts out. We carry a full stock of spare parts in our vans, so you won’t have to suffer delays.

We don’t just carry out Worcester boiler repair in Bolton and beyond. Think of us as your one stop shop when it comes to central heating. We can fit new boilers that are much more economical than older boilers. This means that you’ll save money on your utility bills, as well as helping reduce your carbon footprint. Our boiler inspections are very popular in the run up to Christmas and it’s easy to see why. Nobody wants to wake up on Christmas day to a freezing house and ice cold water. Our inspections ensure that your boilers are in great operating condition, giving you peace of mind. To arrange an inspection, or to talk about Worcester boiler repairs, get in touch today.