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Worcester Boiler Repair in Chorley

Worcester Boiler Repair in ChorleyI guess it’s a sign of the times when customers are afraid to call for a Worcester boiler repair in Chorley. They think we’ll tell them their boiler can’t be fixed so we can sell them a new one.  We have been in business since 1997. If we did not treat customers fairly, we could not have lasted this long. Our long-time customers know us to be fair and ethical in our dealings. That’s why so much of our new work comes from referrals by satisfied customers. When we get the call your boiler is not working correctly, we move fast to get your situation resolved. Nobody wants to be without heat and hot water. We are accredited Worcester Bosch installers so if we installed your new high efficiency boiler less than ten years ago; the boiler is guaranteed.

When you call us at M&R Plumbing to repair your old boiler, we’ll do it for you and at a fair price. However, we would be remiss if in Chorley, Worcester boiler repair for an outdated boiler was not accompanied with information about our new boilers. We can show you how much you could save on energy bills each month if your boiler was one of the newer efficient models. We will also tell you about our terrific financing plans without taking up time or pushing you to buy-ever. Our team will repair your current boiler, leave some printed information for you and be on our way. When and if you replace the old boiler with a new one is up to you.

Worcester boiler repair in Chorley is quick when you call our accredited installers. We have the most needed parts already on the truck and ready to switch out. Our team is so familiar with the brand we can usually figure out the needed repair from your description of the problem. So we’ll have the replacement thermostat, fan motor and relays on hand and be in and out in probably less than two hours. Contact M&R Plumbing for Worcester boiler repair. We install this brand every day so we know these boilers inside out and backwards. You can count on a quick repair at a fair price with little inconvenience to your family routine.