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Worcester Boiler Servicing in Hindley, Efficient, Comprehensive and Safe

Worcester Boiler Servicing in HindleyChoose a professional team for Worcester boiler servicing in Bury that is both professional and affordable. Our expert team all have the knowledge and the experience of working with Worcester boilers. All our technicians are both Oftec and Gas Safe registered too. We are also Worcester Bosch accredited installers. A Worcester boiler is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure long term use. However, like any machine or appliance, it does need regular attention to ensure it is working as it should. This is where we can assist. We offer first-rate Worcester boiler servicing to keep your boiler in optimum condition.

We’re a family run business, established since 1997. In Hindley, Worcester boiler servicing will reveal any weaknesses in your boiler before they become a problem.  A clean, well-serviced boiler will operate more energy efficiently as well. Be aware of any signs of trouble from your Worcester boiler. These could include strange noises, water on the floor or an increase in energy bills. These are an indication of a necessary service and perhaps repairs.  We can assist. Give us ring to find out more about our available servicing packages. We can service your boiler even if we weren’t tasked with installing it. A service will keep your Worcester boiler running as it should.

Worcester boiler servicing in Hindley is one of our expert services. If you need to have your boiler serviced, contact M & R Plumbing & Heating Ltd. We will ensure a thorough service for your boiler. The procedure includes a safety inspection to ensure your boiler is properly vented and that the vent is clear of debris. Safety is an important aspect of our services. The service also ensures that the gas flow and pressure are correct. The electrical connections are checked, as well as the condensate pipe. Thereafter, the flue, the gas and the water pipes are inspected. The Worcester boiler service that our technicians provide is thorough and comprehensive. Give us a ring and we will schedule an appointment to check and service your Worcester boiler.