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Boiler on Finance in Chorley: a Fantastic Deal for Your New Boiler

Boiler on finance in Chorley is a great relief to many of our customers. All families have those times when everything seems to go wrong at once. You got a tax bill, your child lost his orthodontic retainer, you had to buy 2 new tyres before your MOT and now the boiler has died. You were so hoping for one more year out of it. You could use your credit card for the boiler, but the interest rate is so high and this expense would max out your card. What if you need it for an emergency? Oh! This is an emergency! But, what if there’s another one? You may even have the money in your savings account to cover the boiler costs. But you promised each other as a family that you would not touch that savings account, no matter what and you would not use the credit card but work to pay it off.

Your good intentions are being tested but before you abandon your financial plan, talk to us. If you are in Chorley, boiler on finance is available to you and everyone else. You will get the new boiler you need with no money down. You will make payments each month that are comfortable for you at a far lower interest rate than your credit card company charges. Your savings are still on track to meet your family’s goals. It’s an excellent scheme and many of our customers take advantage of it when a new boiler is necessary. We sell, install, service and repair Worcester Bosch products as one of their Platinum retailers. Our company has been established  for almost 25 years.

When you buy a boiler on finance in Chorley to replace your old inefficient boiler, you pay nothing up front and low monthly payments. You should also factor into the cost the amount of money a new energy efficient boiler is going to save you. It’s going to save money on your energy bill every month because it’s so efficient. Your savings could be significant. Ask us about government programs that provide tax breaks or incentives for replacing energy hogs with highly efficient appliances. Contact M&R Plumbing & Heating when you need a new boiler. Our boiler on finance scheme will help to ease the unexpected cost and you’ll be getting a top rated boiler that is fully guaranteed to serve you well for many years.