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Boiler Servicing in Sale, Expertly Completed by Professional Team

Boiler servicing in Sale is best carried out by those who install new boilers. Our team has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding about how boilers work. We are exceptionally qualified for servicing boilers based on our total understanding of how they work. We are Worcester Bosch accredited installers and all of our engineers are Oftec and Gas Safe accredited. We are a family business, established since 1997. Our reputation rests on every installation, service and repair we carry out. Our customers are everything to us so our goal is always to give great value for money. When we install new boilers, we offer a service contract to carry out scheduled maintenance. This keeps your boiler in efficient working order, helps extend the life of your boiler and helps avoid inconvenient breakdowns.

Even boilers that are working well can show wear on various parts and components. In Sale, boiler servicing will reveal those weaknesses before they wear out completely. A clean, well-serviced boiler will operate more energy efficiently as well. Be alert for early warning signs of trouble from your boiler like strange noises, water on the floor or an increase in energy bills. Those are signs you need service and possibly repairs. You don’t have to have a service plan with us to schedule us for servicing. It doesn’t matter who originally installed your boiler either. We welcome your business. Late summer and early fall is a good time to make sure your boiler is ready for winter on the first cold day.

Scheduling boiler servicing in Sale before the cold weather arrives helps assure that you won’t have a long wait. We get really busy with the first really cold snap. Contact M & R Plumbing & Heating for all your boiler service, repair and replacement needs. When we make a service call, we do a safety inspection to ensure your boiler is properly vented and that the vent is clear of debris. Safety is our first consideration for your family. Conditions that could lead to carbon monoxide build up or fire hazards are eliminated, checked and rechecked. We take our responsibility for your safe and efficiently working boiler very seriously. We also service commercial boilers one off, as part of our service contract or in an emergency.