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Boiler Repair in Westhoughton

Boiler Repair in WesthoughtonAre you in need of boiler repair in Westhoughton This morning probably started off like any other day.  You woke up, rolled out of bed and ate some cereal in the kitchen.  After that, you went upstairs, brushed your teeth, flossed and got ready to jump in the shower. But, when you started the shower up, instead of getting the soothing warm water you expected, you were bombarded with tiny pinpricks of freezing cold water.  If that happened, that means your boiler is busted and it is time to get a new one.  However, repairing and replacing a boiler can be costly and time consuming and you don’t know the first thing about doing it yourself.

If you are in need of Westhoughton boiler repair, there is probably something you should know.  Recent building regulations mandate that any new gas-powered boilers must be a condensing boiler.  At face value, that probably doesn’t mean anything to you.  It just sounds like a new boiler that is going to cost you way more than a normal one.  Well, you will be happy to know that condensing boilers are actually a lot more beneficial than traditional gas boilers.  Whereas regular boils convert fuel as low as 60% into usable heat, condensing boilers convert fuel at over 90%.  That higher conversion rate will shave nearly thirty percent of your gas bill every year!  Now you’re thinking, “Yeah, that’s great.  Condensing boilers are awesome, but that doesn’t solve my problem.  My shower is still trying to give me hypothermia.  Who do I call to get one of these installed?”  Well…

For all of your boiler repair needs in Westhoughton, you will want to call M&R Plumbing and Heating LTD.  For almost twenty years, M&R has serviced, repaired and replaced all forms of plumbing and heating solutions.  With a particular focus on alternative and renewable energy, M&R can set you up with the latest and greatest services at a low cost.  Don’t let your shower freeze you out and don’t let your gas bill rob you blind.  Call M&R Plumbing and Heating and get your condensing boiler today.