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Boiler Repair in Standish

Boiler Repair in StandishWe were recently called by a customer who needed boiler repair in Standish. They were concerned that it might take a few days to carry out the repair, because they were expecting house guests later in the week and nobody wants to be welcomed into a freezing cold home. That’s why they rang M&R Plumbing & Heating Supplies. They knew that we have a team of highly experienced and fully trained heating engineers who provide swift responses, even at weekends and evenings. We were able to re-assure our customer that we would have their boiler up and running again before the guests arrived.

There are many reasons that people can need our Standish boiler repair service. Boilers are more powerful and efficient than ever before, but they also have more parts that can develop a fault. Have you noticed that problems always seem to occur at the worst possible times? That’s why we provide a round the clock repair service and we don’t charge extra for call outs that fall outside of office hours. Forecasters are already saying that the coming winter could be a severe one and that means that you need your central heating system to be in peak condition. It’s at this time of year, when boilers are in use for longer periods and put under more pressure that most faults occur. Don’t worry, with our skills and experience we can repair all faults, big or small.

Our boiler repair in Standish can solve faults that are either mechanical or electrical in nature. These can include pilot light and ignition faults that can leave your house without hot water when you need it most. It may be that your boiler has a part that’s sheared under pressure, especially if you have an older boiler, or one that’s not been serviced regularly. The older your central heating boiler is, the more likely it is to fail and you won’t always get advance notice that something is wrong. That’s why it may be more economical for you to get a new boiler, especially as modern boiler systems are much more energy efficient. We can help with that as well, so if you need boiler repairs or boiler installation just give us a call.