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Common Reasons for Boiler Repair in Wigan

Boiler Repair in WiganEvery time there is need for boiler repair in Wigan homes, chances are that your boiler might be suffering from a problem that’s quite common in the boiler world. The first thing every boiler repair service will check is its supply. A faulty supply or just a switched-off supply could mean that your boiler’s not working properly. If you have a gas boiler, there could be a supply issue as well with a stopcock that’s shut. If the problem is not with the supply, it could be a pilot light that doesn’t come on. The pilot light needs to be re-lit and if you are not aware of how to get it up and running again, the repair service will do it for you.

In Wigan, boiler repairs for faulty pilot lamps are quite common but if your boiler came without a pilot light, the problem might lie in the controls or even the thermostat. The objective of the boiler’s thermostat control is to maintain the temperature the boiler will run at. This can be a source of problems in older boilers, especially, where thermostats start acting up as time goes by. They can not only start misreading the temperature but can also turn on or off at the wrong time. Such a problem requires your boiler’s thermostat to be re-calibrated or replaced.

One of the more common problems that require boiler repair in Wigan homes, is when air gets into the system and you can hear a gurgling noise or even some banging when the boiler comes on. Losing pressure in the boiler system is also a big problem that needs to be handled by a professional repair service provider.  With over 15-years of experience in dealing with different kinds of boiler repair situations and almost every known brand of boilers, the team at M&R Plumbing and Heating is capable of handling every single problem you might face with your boilers. So the next time you are facing a problem with your boiler, give us a call and we’ll come in and straighten things out.