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Underfloor Heating In Bolton

under floor heating in BoltonM & R Plumbing and Heating has over 5 years’ experience in the industry providing clients with consulting and supplying, designing and installing underfloor heating in Bolton. An innovative underfloor heating solution for homeowners to consider is the Overlay product. This is an exceptional low profile floor heating system. What makes it such an ideal alternative is that it is suitable for both renovation as well as new build projects.

In Bolton an underfloor heating alternative homeowners can opt for is the Overlay. This product makes such a popular underfloor heating option for homeowners as, apart from it be practically maintenance free, is that this system is designed as a ‘built on’ as opposed to being a ‘built in’ under floor heating solution. Underfloor heating solutions can be used as the main or in conjunction with the main source of a home’s heating system. The product is well suited for standard central heating boilers with more partiality to condensing boilers.

The Overlay underfloor heating solution comprise of panels which can be described as a fibrous panel. It is this feature which is what makes it ideal for top flooring layers like ceramics, and where the panel have to be properly secured straight onto the floor layers. A variety of flooring including carpet, timber, laminate and vinyl can be accommodated with this particular type of heating system. The only condition that is important is that there is sufficient insulation underneath to prevent excessive heat loss. Two types are available to allow the Overlay system to be suitable for all build types and floor coverings. Floor heating solutions like the Polypipe system (which is water based) is quicker and cheaper to install when compared to other heating systems. The fact that installation is completed in one phase bears on the cost factor. The simplicity of the system’s installation procedures decreases the cost with the savings in time and labour. Comprehensive solutions and alternatives for under floor heating in Bolton is made convenient with friendly helpful advice from the experts at M & R Plumbing and Heating. Find out more on the website.