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Worcester Boiler Installer In Wigan

boiler 3A potential client called recently asking about a Worchester boiler installer in Wigan. Our caller owned a number of rental properties and had been considering an upgrade to the heating systems in a few buildings. The landlord told us that of course he wanted to be sure that his tenants had reliable heat but he was also looking out for his own bottom line. You see in all his apartments he offered to pay the utility bills for his tenants. He was finding that he spent more and more every year on gas to feed the boiler.

We were happy to tell this local landlord in Wigan, Worchester boiler installers were going to be able to save him a lot of money. It turns out that older boilers sometimes convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat for the home. The remaining 40% is just money flying out of the owners pocket. The modern condensing boilers are much more efficient with over 90% of the fuel used going to heating. As we consulted with our potential client, we learned that this kind of savings could be just the thing to turn his rental properties from a financial loser, into a profitable long term investment.

Our client was very pleased to learn how much money he would be saving and scheduled appointments for all his properties to be upgraded to a new and improved boiler. M&R Plumbing is the only logical choice if you are considering a Worchester boiler installer in Wigan. Our professional technicians are able to complete their work quickly and safely at a great value. Call on 01204 690957 today to for a free quote for any plumbing or heating project.